Kasara Resort – best luxury resort in Chitwan



Kasara Resort, an oasis of simple luxury in nature.

Kasara Resort is situated on the borders of Chitwan National park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The essence of Kasara’s design is a blend of simple luxury in a lush and natural jungle environment. Kasara Jungle Resort is proud to be able to offer this unique choice in the Chitwan National Park area, the country’s most visited national park.



With that in mind, Kasara Resort offers comfortably appointed rooms that are generous in size and experience, carefully prepared fresh food, a range of healthy activities in a tranquil and inspiring environment, meaningful interaction with local culture that provides knowledge; an experience that the guest can take way with them. And naturally, to continue the great tradition of safaris in our oldest national park, a true jungle experience with our expert naturalists on our elephants, canoes, and jeeps.

Accommodation at Kasara Resort



Kasara-Resort-Chitwan (1) Kasara-Resort-Chitwan (2) Kasara has 35 upscale rooms and villas, as well as two VIP villas with a private infinity-edge plunge pool each. From the conception of this resort, we have adhered to the ethos of simplicity and functionality. Our design aspiration was simple: a minimalist contemporary style that incorporates local materials and architectural heritage to create a richly layered experience.

Our front desk is open 24 hours to provide our guests with any and all kinds of assistance when required. We also offer a variety of facilities like car park, room services, bicylce rentals, free WI-FI and tourism information services.


Kasara Resort regular villas offer a personal footprint of 130sq meters, and a living space of 55 sq meters. Each villa comes with a private water-garden courtyard, a private garden, an indoor-outdoor bathroom space, and a sun deck also setup for personal dining. The resort’s proximity to the national park ensures a close interaction with the nature and the community forests of Chitwan.

Basic Amenities

  • Air-conditioned
  • Luxurious day beds
  • WiFi
  • Swimming pool access
  • Private bathroom for each unit
  • Daily house keeping services included in the room rate


Jungle View Villa Suite

The Jungle View Villa Suites have been inspired by and dedicated to the old KASARA Palace that once stood in the area. The Villas are two-storied private residential areas with ample space and rooms, and overlook the forest. Each room has a private balcony with a forest view. There is a sitting area and dining table for intimate meals either inside the villa or on the pool terrace. Guests will also enjoy the spacious bathroom with an outdoor garden shower for a feeling of oneness with nature.

Additional Suite Amenities

  • King size bed and 2 Queen size beds
  • Private swimming pool with Jacuzzi and stone finished pool deck
  • Butler service
  • Private bathroom
  • Daily house keeping services included in the room rate
  • Air-conditioned
  • Luxurious day beds

Dining at Kasara Resort

Here at Kasara resort, our emphasis is to offer our guests a high quality, healthy and delicious gastronomical experience served in a unique natural ambiance.

The philosophy of our menu is simple: Taste, Quality and Locally sourced produce. By making the local communities a key source of our ingredients, we also want to help them establish a certain standardized production so that they can become trusted producers in the region.

KASARA grows much of its own organic vegetables and fruits too.

Kasara Jungle Resort’s Bar is located in the jungle, but it offers an extensive international selection of wine and other alcoholic beverages.

  • Main Café: Our Main cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinners.
  • Bar & Lounge: After a long day of adventurous jungle activities, you can relax with a drink or two.
  • In Room Dining: In villa dining is available from 12-10 PM. We have a special menu of light meals and home-cooked style dishes.
  • Wines: We have broad selections of fine wine of 50 different labels both whites and red to cater to all taste buds.  Enjoy the cool evening on our lounge bar and watch the night fly back…

Kasara Jungle Resort Activities & Programs


Kasara Resort offers a large variety of jungle based activities which range from elephant safaris, bird watching, canoeing, jungle excursions, jeep safaris and elephant bathing.

Elephant Safaris: Elephant safaris has always been the most preferred jungle activities in the Chitwan National park. Sitting high on top an elephant and going through the dense jungle in the morning is an experience one cannot miss. Each elephant has a driver termed “Moute” who takes charge and guides the elephant in search of wild animals. Rhino, Deer, Gaur are easily visible while spotting a Tiger can be quite challenging. They say that one must have the luck.

Jeep Safaris: For those who do not fancy riding an elephant or haven’t had enough of the safari experience, we also have 4X4 jeep safaris that one join in. We have our experienced guides and naturalist who will accompany you through the jungle for wilderness & wildlife retreat.

Nature Walks: A walk in the nature can give you the small dose of wilderness you need to refresh your spirit. These are guided tours which are safe and quite exciting at the same time.

Bird Watching: Chitwan National park covers 932 sq. km and supports some 650 species of bird. Flocks of common and demoiselle cranes occur on passsage between march and may and October and No. Along the marshes and small lakes there are cormorants, dater, cinnamon bittern, black-crowned night and purple herons etc

Elephant bathing: This is one of the fun activity that will bring you closer to the elephants where by you have the chance to bath the elephants in the river and a


Tharu’s Village: Very authentic interaction with the Tharu people in their village. Tharus are the indigenous ethnic group from this region who have a long history attached to this land. You will get to interact with familes members and see how they live their normal lives.

Tharu Cultural dance:  Each evening the local Tharu community in their traditional vibrant outfit puts a great show for our guest by the fireplace in outdoor setting. It is very fun and interacting as the dancers encourages guest to participate and dance in a group. For every performance, the resort sets aside certain amount of money for the betterment of the community.

By Anil Blon


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