Sankhu is one of the oldest typical Newari Village of Kathmandu district



Sankhu is one of the oldest settlements of outskirts Kathmandu valley. Sankhu is one of the oldest typical Newari Village of Kathmandu district. According to the ancient book (Manisaili Mahabadan)   It was formed at 1801 Kaligat Sambat KS (700 years earlier that Roman mythology). It is spread around five VDC’s (Pukhulachhi, Suntole, Bajrayogini, Lapsephedi, Indrayani). The population of Sankhu is around fifty thousand thousand.  It is 17 km east-north far from the kathamandu city, situated at the altitude of 1328 meters from the sea level.

Festival-Vajrayogini-Jatra- Sankhu

Festival-Vajrayogini-Jatra- Sankhu

Sankhu is surrounded by Manichod Mountain from north and east while Nagarkot, Changu Narayan and Boudhanath are the nearest world famous destination from Sankhu.  Sankhu holds lot of temples, imaged, cultures, traditional dances, great model of wood carvings, jungles and mountain for hiking and safari, religion harmony. The place is rich in both natural landscape and cultural aspect with abundance of beauty, antique and mesmerizing tourism probability.



It is quite beautiful and it has own tradition and natural beauties.

By Anil Blon


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