Brigand’s Bend-Summit River Lodge

Summit River Lodge

Summit River Lodge

Summit River Lodge is previously known as a Brigand’s Bend lies on the banks of the Trisuli River, 100 kms west from Kathmandu and the same from Pokhara, making it equidistant from both these famous centers of Nepalese tourism.

The small Lodge of just 6 rooms, clusters around a colonial-style bungalow that sits on a ridge amidst the tropical forested middle hills, sloping down to the sand beaches of the river.  Forests cascade down the hillsides, enclosing tiny settlements of tribals: Chepang, Dorai, Magar, some Brahman and Chettri, who eke a living from foraging in the forests, snaring the odd small animal or wildfowl, cultivating wheat, rice, maize and vegetables and generally embrace the rituals of animism that culminate in Hinduism.

Brigand’s Bend

Brigand’s Bend

The approach to the Lodge is through a village, it’s homes skirting the rich flat terraces of the ‘tar’ – a flat plateau bordering the river’s gorge.  It is a 1 ½-3 hour scenic drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara to the small town of Kurintar on the Highway and approximately a kilometer east or west  (depending on your approach from Pokhara or Kathmandu !) of the well-known ‘Cable Car’ to the hilltop shrine of the Wish-fulfilling Goddess at Manakamana.  Leave your vehicle in the Parking Lot of the Baba Dham Petrol Station, cross the Highway and descend to the river, crossing it on a secure foot bridge to the farther bank.  From here it’s a 20-30 minute walk, along a mainly level path, past tranquil village homes to the foot of the hills, then a short climb to reach the Lodge buildings.  Alternatively, should you opt to raft on the Trisuli, a wet and exciting alternative, float onto the sand banks below the Lodge and make your way up the stone stairways to the site.

 By Anil Blon


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