Nuwakot is a very small town in Nepal but with great wonders and historical importance which moulded the Nepalese history. For it is here that the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah set out in 1750 to unify Nepal which at that time was dotted with tiny kingdoms.

Nuwakot is a topographical wonder with extreme variation in its vertical limits, like it is just 450m above sea level at the banks of river Trishuli but reaches up to staggering 5144m above sea level at other place. There are nine forts scattered over the Nuwakot region, hence it is also called ‘Nawakotta’, which means nine forts. It is about 75 km from Kathmandu and is a major toursits attraction for people visiting Nepal. This beautiful place can be reached within 3-4 hours by road from Kathmandu. The region has historical variety ranging from temples, statues and stupas or pillars to paintings and ornaments of ancient times. The cultural traditions which were practiced during those long times are still in vogue here, which amuses the tourists all the more.

The Nuwakot Durbar

The Nuwakot Palace is a magnificent historical structure that has being in existence in this hilly region with its splendor since ancient times. The palace stands on a garden compound with temples and other buildings surrounding it. A guide can be of great help to you to get acquainted with historical background of the Durbar and it’s other importance features. A hawk-eyed view of the surroundings around the palace from the canopied tower on the top of the palace encapsulates you. The place is very clean and immaculately kept.

Among the many architectures ‘Saat Tale Darbar’ or the seven storey palace is another talked about palace here, the magnetism of whose attract many tourists.. It was built by Prithvi Narayan Shah, the first king of unified Nepal, in 1762. You get the opportunity to visit all the rooms and go back to the times when royalty inhabited it and you can visualize them moving around. You can also visit the turret room on the roof. It also gets its prominence from the fact that King Rana Bahadur Shah met Mr. William Kirkpatric, a British representative here after the war between Nepal and China ended.

Then, nearby is Rangamahal palace, it’s uniqueness being that is it made of oily bricks and was the recreation ground for the Malla Kings who came here for relaxation. There are many cultural activities practiced here which have their origin traced back to the Malla period, and tourists love to get aquainted with them.

The Famous Farm of Nuwakot

This is a fantastic place for the tourists to rest. It is a peaceful place with scerenity written all over it. It’s ancient decors take you back to the gone by times and you get transcended to those times. From here you also get a spectacular view of the Nuwakot Palace and Trishuli River and get mesmerized by it. It is a living paradise for anyone who loves peace and tranquility. Though remotely placed, the place provides all the basic facility for the tourists and the rooms are good and spacious. Food is excellent and having dinner here is something that you may never forget in your lifetime. The candlelit tables in the courtyard make the atmosphere all the more romantic and you relish every moment of it till you have eaten your last morsel. The staff is well adapt in hospitality and make your stay as comfortable as you can expect. They are also walking ‘wikipedias’, that is if you have questions relating to this region, they are all eager to help and prompt in their replies. This hotel is ideal for staying as the bazaar and Nuwakot Palace are at walking distances.

Bhairabi Mandir



This temple is distinguishable by it’s two pagados, or tiered towers. It is a place which is well frequented by tourists specially during the months of March and April when the annual Bhairabi Festival is celebrated. During this festival the priests are supposedly possessed by devine powers and they drink the blood of animals which are sacrificed here. To renew their powers the blood is consumed straight from the neck of sacrificed animals like goats and buffaloes.

Reaching Nuwakot

Going to Nuwakot via Galchi, Devighat is more advisable as it offers a picturesque view of the countryside Nepal and is relatively safer. The route via Kakani highway can be too narrow and winding for one’s liking. And yes, helicopter services are another option if you are out of time and need a quick trip


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